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Indoor Air Quality Services in Katy, Texas

Did you know that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental health risks. Crump A/C and Heating provides air quality products to improve the indoor air in your home or business. We evaluate indoor conditions and recommend products that work best for your needs.

Improving Indoor Air Quality
There are several types of indoor pollutants. The most prevalent forms affecting homes in Katy, TX are mold, dust, animal dander and droppings, tobacco smoke and household products and pesticides. The best way to maintain good indoor air quality is to eliminate sources of pollution. Below are 3 products that we use to combat indoor pollutants and help relieve symptoms of allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Electronic Air Cleaners (EAC) – EAC’s use electrically charged filters to reduce the number of airborne contaminants in your home. They contain a reusable filter, which simplifies cleaning/changing your filter. EAC’s are highly effective in removing dust and dander, as well as organic growths and bacteria. As air passes through, the EAC traps large contaminants in a prefilter, then, electrically charged filters trap smaller contaminants.

Media Filters – A media filter is a type of filter that is installed in your attic between your furnace and return duct. As air passes through the system, airborne particles are trapped within the filter. Properly installed, it captures 99% of particles in the air that passes through it.

Ultraviolet (UV) Lights – UV lights help reduce mold, bacteria and other forms of organic growth. UV lights are installed in the supply plenum; the supply plenum is an optimal location for organic growth because it is cold, dark and moist. Installing the UV light in the supply plenum kills airborne bacteria due to the fact that the air passes through the UV rays before dispersing throughout your home.

Take a look at the graphic below for a quick comparison on indoor air quality products.
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