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Air Distribution and Balancing Services in Katy, Texas

Have you noticed that some areas of your home are really warm while other areas are receiving better airflow? If so, you may benefit from an air balancing consultation. During an air balancing consultation in Katy, TX, your technician will examine your existing HVAC system to ensure that air throughout your home is distributed evenly. If it is not, the technician will provide modification options to ensure that your system is achieving the desired airflow.
How Can We Balance Airflow?
There are different types of adjustments that we can make to your HVAC system in order to properly balance the airflow in your Katy, TX home. Sometimes, only simple, inexpensive adjustments are needed. For example, resealing the duct connections in your HVAC system. If your HVAC system is old or installed improperly, it’s possible that air is leaking through cracks in your duct connections or supply plenum/transition, which would allow cold air to escape into your attic.
A manual damper is another cost effective adjustment that can be added to your HVAC system in order to balance airflow. Manual dampers are installed inside of the duct at the supply plenum. Manual dampers allow homeowners to redirect airflow to other ducts in the HVAC system by turning a lever that protrudes through the outer layer of the duct.

If your ductwork – supply plenum, transition, return and duct runs – is undersized, you will notice a diminished airflow. In this instance, it may seem like your air conditioning system is unable to cool your home effectively. Using a ductulator, our technicians have the ability to calculate the size of the ducts needed. The size of the supply plenum, transition and return should be determine based on the tonnage, or BTU rating, of the HVAC system.

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