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AC Repair and Heating Services in Katy, Texas

Even with proper maintenance, you may experience issues with your heating and air conditioning system. When this happens, contact Crump A/C and Heating for AC repair services in Katy, TX . Our professional team has the knowledge and skill to evaluate your system, determine the source of the problem and repair it properly. Our goal is to restore your home to a more comfortable temperature as quickly as possible! Whether it’s your heating or air conditioning that is on the fritz, we are available to help you get the service you need!
Need an AC Repair?
One of the worst things that can happen during a Texas summer is to find out your air conditioning unit isn’t working the way it should. The good news is our AC repair services are designed to help Katy, TX residents restore cool, comfortable air to their homes. Our technicians will come to your home as quickly as possible to perform the AC repair needed. Below are a few examples of AC repairs that might be needed in order to restore your air conditioning system to full functionality. Also, we’ve included a brief description for each part listed.
Common AC Repairs

Fuse or Burnt Wire – we complete these repairs under the service fee

Capacitor – basically, a battery for the compressor and condenser fan motor

Condenser Fan Motor and/or Blade – a fan that transfers heat across the condenser coil to cool down the refrigerant
Contactor – provides power to the condenser and fan motor when a call is initiated by the thermostat
Freon/Puron – types of refrigerant in our HVAC systems
Blower Motor – a motor that pulls air through the HVAC system
Transformer – takes the high voltage and breaks it down to 24 volts for the thermostat and several other relays in the HVAC system
Circuit Board – a series of relays and transistors that give power to certain parts of the HVAC system depending on the call from the thermostat

We’re constantly contacted and asked the question, “How much will it cost?” AC repair costs can vary greatly depending on brand, sizes/specs and the part that has failed. Unless we have a technician at your home, we can’t always provide a firm price. We’re happy to provide AC repair estimates to our inquiring customers.

Need a Heating Repair?
When most people think of Texas weather, they think of the heat of the summer. However, many Texas residents also need functional heating during the winter months when temperatures can drop below a comfortable level. With our heating repair services, you can trust your heating system will operate the way it was intended when you need it most. It’s our goal to ensure our customers don’t need to worry, regardless of whether they need a heating service or AC repair to reach a comfortable temperature inside their homes.
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Our air conditioning repair contractors are supplied with the latest tools and technology, giving them the ability to accurately diagnose any problems with your air conditioning and heating system. We also ensure our technicians are supplied with up-to-date training material. You can always count on Crump A/C and Heating for prompt and accurate air conditioning repairs!

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