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What is HVAC?
HVAC is short for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC is most often used to depict the whole air conditioning and heating system, which includes the condenser, evaporator coil, furnace or air handler, ductwork, air filters, registers and humidification controls.
What regular maintenance do air conditioning and heating systems need?
We recommend that your air conditioning and heating system be checked and serviced twice a year; ideally a spring and fall tune-up. Also, we recommend that you change your filter(s) regularly, depending on the type of filter you have. For more information, take a look at our Maintenance and Seasonal Inspections page.
How do I know if I have an existing warranty on my furnace, air conditioner or HVAC system?
Locate the label on the outer surface of the equipment for a manufacture date. If the equipment is less than 5 years old it should have a warranty. If your equipment was registered within 60 days of installation, you might have a 10 year warranty. Warranty terms and conditions change by manufacturer and the installing company. Most major brands (ex: Trane, Goodman, Carrier, etc.) will allow you to check the status of your warranty online. If you’d like help determining whether your equipment is under manufacturer warranty, send us an email at cs@crumpac-heat.com and well check for you!
What does a manufacturer warranty cover?
Under the standard manufacturer warranty, the manufacturer will cover parts that fail during the warranty period due to defect in the part. The warranty does not cover labor. A warranty is specific to serial numbers and the installation dates of your products.
Why do I need to change my filter regularly?
Regular filter replacement helps your heating and cooling system operate at peak levels and improves indoor air quality. It is important to change filters regularly to ensure proper air flow and to keep your home free from dust, allergens and germs. Depending on the type of filter you have, you may require yearly or monthly filter replacements. Your Crump A/C and Heating service or installation technician will recommend the ideal filters and replacement schedules for your unit(s).
How do I know if my air conditioning system needs to be serviced or repaired?
Is it making strange noises? Is it cooling or heating all areas of your home sufficiently? Has it been taking longer to cool down or heat up? Have your utility bills been rising for no apparent reason? Any of these are signs that you may have a problem that needs service. In most cases, the longer you delay, the worse any underlying problems will get. So be sure to contact Crump A/C and Heating to check out your system whenever you notice anything out of the ordinary.
How do I know if my A/C unit is big enough?
Bigger isn’t always better; its performance and efficiency that count. Before purchasing a replacement system you should always make sure your system is sized properly to match your needs and budget. Your technician will thoroughly assess your home and comfort requirements to determine the proper size and make the appropriate recommendation. Take a look at our HVAC Installation page for more information.
How can I increase the efficiency and life of my home’s heating and cooling systems?
A few quick tips:

– Clean and replace your filters frequently.
– Keep your thermostat set at the highest temperature that you are comfortable at during the summer, especially during the hottest part of the day. Lower your temperature setting gradually throughout the late afternoon – evening.
– Install shades, drapes, shutters, or screens on windows that are exposed to extreme sunlight to help keep room temperatures at moderate levels.

How can I eliminate indoor odors?
You may have tried to cover up indoor odors by spraying air fresheners or lighting candles. Unfortunately, these tactics only mask the odors, they don’t get rid of them. These remedies may in fact negatively affect indoor air quality from chemicals that cause allergic reactions or eye irritation for homeowners.

Bacteria, dust mites, animal dander, cat saliva and mold may also be roots of your home’s odor problem. One method to purify the air is integrating germicidal (UV) lights in your home, which helps kill odors and inhibit the growth of biological contaminants, sterilizing surfaces in the HVAC system. They also purify the air, preventing the growth of contaminants. The UV lights are installed to work with your home comfort system.

Sometimes poor ventilation contributes to unpleasant odors. Moisture / condensation on walls and windows and stagnate air are signs of poor ventilation. A qualified technician can inspect your home comfort system to determine if this is an issue that should be addressed. The technician can also inform you how to solve the ventilation system’s ability to correctly circulate and ventilate indoor air.

How do I know which indoor air quality product is right for me?
Every person and every home entails a different comfort need. The threshold of irritancy and triggers that affect people’s health and comfort combine to determine the proper solutions. High threshold levels may require simple solutions like a better air filter. Low threshold levels may require an air purification system for the reduction of triggers and irritants. Take a look at our Indoor Air Quality page for more information.
At what temperature should I set my thermostat?
Temperature settings depend on the time of year and your personal preferences. In the summer, the average temperature setting is 74°-78°. In the winter 70°-72° is the norm.
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Crump A/C and Heating is an authorized Trane dealer. While we specialize in air conditioning repairs for Trane products, we can service all brands.
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Our air conditioning repair contractors are supplied with the latest tools and technology, giving them the ability to accurately diagnose any problems with your air conditioning and heating system. We also ensure our technicians are supplied with up-to-date training material. You can always count on Crump A/C and Heating for prompt and accurate air conditioning repairs!

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