A commonly occurring issue with air conditioning is a strange noise. Whether it is a loud buzzing sound, or a continuous screeching noise. All of this is signaling a malfunction; major or a minor issue is an after concern.

Here is a list of multiple issues that could create a noise in air conditioners.

Loose or Damaged Parts: The noise coming out of your air conditioner can be a sign of a loose or damaged part such as a compressor. This is not designed to lose its life too early. So, if this is the case you might want to replace your AC unit.

Clogged Components: Dust can be accumulated in the AC components such as fan or air filters, leading to disturb the airflow and causing noise when the AC is kept on.
Loose Bearings: Due to general wear out and excessive usage, bearings may get unfastened producing a screeching noise.

Motor and Blower Issue: One of the most commonly occurring issues is malfunctioning of blower fans. The fan motor in the outdoor unit or which is engineered inside the HVAC unit is the question you might want to ask from a professional service provider.

Refrigerant Issue: The changes in the levels of refrigerants can cause a constant buzzing noise from your AC. This is the first sign towards a refrigerant leak so it is better to always keep note of low pitched buzzing noises.

Ice Buildup: If there are any hindrances in the airflow which is causing your AC to freeze out; can cause loud noises when the compressor gets into action. It is important to get it checked immediately for any major and more costly complications.

Electrical Issues: Faulty wiring or other electrical issues can also cause your AC to make the sound it is making.

Thermostat Issues: Out of the many issues discussed above, one reason can be a faulty thermostat. It can indicate an outdated, old thermostat or loosely wired thermostat.

Drainage Pipe Leak: Drainage in the pipe might also cause your air conditioning unit to make unwanted sounds. Contact the correct service company to detect and resolve the issue for you.

Final Comment:

Air conditioners are often associated with comfort and relaxation. Any unwanted screeching noise can not only cause trouble but irritate the hell out of you.
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