Winter months are just around the corner, and you can already feel a significant drop in temperatures. Hence, you decided to wrap up your HVAC cooling unit for the season. However, do perform these steps to ensure optimum working during the following summer season. While you are preparing your unit for winters, an important question still lurks around:
” Should You Go For A Gas Furnace Or An Electrical One For Your Heating Needs.” Hence, we shall discuss the difference between an electrical heater and a gas heater, and when you should buy one.

Electric Furnace Vs. Gas Furnace.

What Is An Electric Furnace And Its Benefits:
This type of furnace uses electricity to generate heat. Hence, you don’t need to install extra pipes as few additional wire connections can fulfill the needs of this furnace. Consequently, the setup costs way less than the initial investment required for a gas furnace. Furthermore, anyone without a significant technical background can maintain an electric furnace. However, for complex issues, you may need to consult a specialist.

A Few Drawbacks:

We know that electric furnaces are easier and economical to set up. However, here is the catch: excessive use of an electric furnace can help soar up your electricity bills to the roof.

When To Use One:

Nobody would want to pay huge electricity bills. Hence, it’s wise to opt for an electric furnace for smaller homes or when you live in a warm climate. In this way, you would avoid accumulating a significant amount in your electricity bill. However, in the scenario where natural gas is unavailable, you would undoubtedly have to go for an electric furnace.
Gas Furnace And Its Pros And Cons:
First thing first, the initial investment to set up a gas furnace is relatively high due to the system’s cost and the additional cost of installing new pipelines. However, as natural gas is cheaper than electricity, the running cost is comparatively lower. Moreover, routine maintenance of a gas unit is a must because carbon monoxide leakage is a grave issue. Hence, you might have to install a gas detector as an additional safety precaution.

When To Use A Gas Furnace:

A gas furnace can easily manage large homes that you can operate all day long without significant spikes in your bills. Hence, if you reside in an area with long and harsh winters, then a gas furnace is a wise choice.


When choosing between an electric and a gas furnace, all the analysis boils down to these furnaces’ setup cost and running costs. For an electric furnace, the installation cost may be low but running costs can put a dent in your wallet. However, don’t let the enormous setup cost blind you from the economical running costs for a gas furnace. Nonetheless, whatever the furnace you go for, its maintenance is a must, and sometimes it’s better that you leave it to experts at Crump A/C and Heating You can call us at 281-533-9200 for a quick check-up.

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