Many households experience high levels of air particle pollution. This indoor air quality (IAQ) issue causes several side effects, ranging from health issues and physical discomfort to dirty surfaces and decreased HVAC system efficiency.

How does Media Air Cleaner help?

A media air cleaner is an IAQ tool that can relieve these troublesome effects and reduce pollutant levels indoors. Crump A/C and Heating will assist you with how a media air cleaner works and the many benefits of installing one in your home.

How Media Air Cleaners Work?

Air pollution is often considered an outdoor issue, although the air inside a home can be even more polluted than the air we breathe outside. New variations of air pollutants are constantly being introduced to the home environment through household members, belongings, and daily activities. No matter how much we keep our homes sealed tightly, that helps reduce indoor pollutant levels, but it is nearly impossible to control air.

This is where media air cleaner is an indoor air quality solution that helps homeowners handle particle pollution issues and remove air pollution to reduce exposure and limit unwanted side effects.

Media air cleaners are installed alongside the home’s indoor HVAC equipment and ducts so that the device can filter matter from the air as air circulates through the heating and cooling system.

Benefits Of Installing A Media Air Cleaner:

1. Whole House Coverage:

The power and placement of a whole home media air cleaner provide an entire air supply. Every room in your house benefits from this filter air quality and pollution reduction, as your air cleaner works with the HVAC system.

2. Easy to Maintain:

While a media air cleaner is much more powerful than a standard disposable air filter and can capture many more contaminant particles, it requires less maintenance than the traditional filter. The filter used in a media air cleaner is thick and provides a larger surface area to trap particles efficiently, and this filter only needs to be replaced once or twice per year, depending on your model.

3. Cleaner Living Areas:

Installing a media air cleaner helps homeowners reduce cleaning frequency inside the home. When air pollution levels are high, there is more matter in the house, and surfaces become dirty much faster.

Hence, a media air cleaner removes these contaminants from your home and will keep your living spaces clean for extended periods, reducing your workload.

Final Takeaway

Installing a media air cleaner in your home will significantly reward you by improving indoor air quality in your daily life. Crump AC and Heating strive to provide quality, professional services, great ethics, high quality air services, and competitive rates. Call us today to consult our experts at (281) 533-9200.

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