Imagine getting home after a long, hot day, looking forward to cooling off – only to find that your air conditioner is not working correctly. When you have air conditioner issues, address them immediately instead of neglecting them and suffering in the heat. One thing people complain of often is that their AC is not blowing cold air. There are multiple reasons why this issue arises. To know why your AC won’t blow cold air, keep reading this blog.

Why Is My AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

Many factors can cause your AC unit to stop blowing cold air. While some can be resolved immediately, others would require expert AC repair service. Usually, these reasons are why your AC might have stopped blowing cold air:

1. Refrigerant is Leaking or Low

The refrigerant in your AC is the chemical that puts the whole process in motion. So if your central AC is not blowing cold air, it could be the refrigerant. Your AC unit might be running low on refrigerant and require more.

Typically, the refrigerant runs low because of a leak. A refrigerant leak can not only cause reduced cold air flow but make your house feel much hotter. You’ll need a professional HVAC service to detect and fix the problem.

2. Dirty or Clogged Filter

Your AC unit’s filters can become dirty or get clogged with hair, lint, pollen, and dust. Consequently, your AC would stop running since it cannot receive enough air. This can lead to an increased temperature inside, as the AC unit is not working. Moreover, the AC parts might also wear and tear, leading to significant issues.

To avoid this issue, ensure that your HVAC filters are changed regularly, like every three months or so. In addition, clean the AC regularly to prevent any problems.

3. Problem with Evaporator Coil or Condenser

The filters in your AC work to keep the coils clean for optimal function, but they can gradually wear out. The constant moisture can develop mildew and, in some cases, mold in the evaporator coil. Additionally, low refrigerant can cause the coil to freeze up. You should consult an HVAC specialist regarding issues with the coil, as they can interfere with the AC’s performance.

So if your AC is not blowing cold air, get the condenser checked.

4. Clogged or Blocked Registers

The registers, just like the filters, can get blocked or clogged. The return air register allows air into the system. In contrast, the system vents are responsible for blowing conditioned air into the house. Hence, a problem in either of these can be why your AC stopped blowing cold air.

Since the ventilation system runs throughout your house, a blockage or leakage in the ductwork will affect the cooling. Thus, cold air can leak out of the attic due to a tear or hole in your ductwork. Sometimes, a vent can accidentally close. Make sure that your HVAC ductwork is regularly cleaned, and get an HVAC expert’s help.

5. Thermostat Issues

The thermostat is a critical part of the AC cooling your house, and having the best thermostat could help in many ways. If the temperature in your room doesn’t rise above the control setting, the AC might not turn on. To ensure there’s no problem with the thermostat, check if it is set to auto or cool. Changes in thermostat setting, like if it is set to heat, can also be why your AC is not blowing cold air.

There might be an issue with the batteries in case the AC is still not working. If nothing resolves the problem, call in an AC professional.

What To Do When AC is Not Blowing Cold Air?

You need to maintain and clean your HVAC system for minimal issues regularly. However, if your AC is not blowing cold air and you cannot determine why this is happening, call in Crump AC. You can reach our team at (281) 533-9200.

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