Most electronic items we use today are smart with incredible features that make them easier to use. Thus, we only need to be smart enough to recognize their use and reap maximum benefits from them. One such product is a smart thermostat that can redefine your home’s climate control. Many homeowners resist electronic thermostats for being cumbersome and hard to program because of several functions they offer. Instead, the opposite is true; the user interface of these thermostats is becoming more and more friendly with every passing day. So what are the features you can get in a smart thermostat? Let’s find out.

Setting Up Cooling And Heating Routines:

Nobody likes to wake up with feet on the cold floor or wants to walk in a sweltering sauna. With smart thermostats, you can program cooling and heating routines that you don’t have to tweak regularly, but the program learns and makes minor adjustments.

Moreover, by using motion sensors, the program can detect household activity. Thus, it can turn down the cooling or heating when no one is home. On the other hand, a thermostat can make your home cozier when it detects maximum movement.

However, that’s not all; newer thermostats pick on patterns and data of your preferences to schedule new routines based on past data. Furthermore, it can incorporate wheater forecasts and outside climate data into day-to-day routines for maximum comfort.

Remote Control:

One of the iconic features of a smart thermostat is its ability to connect to wifi. With the capability of tapping into the vast internet network, you can control it from any corner of the world using a smartphone. Or you may just want to heat the house lying from the bed; the choice is all yours.

Increase the Energy Efficiency:

Smart thermostats can map your energy usage and then display it to you. They can help you understand how much energy is being consumed by your current routine and the expected bill. These thermostats bring some more energy-conserving elements into the plate. We discussed earlier how, by using motion sensors, the thermostat could estimate activity level and adjust HVAC operations accordingly. Moreover, an intelligent thermostat can offer cooling and heating tips based on past energy data that can aid you in lowering the electric bill.


A smart thermostat can provide you with benefits according to your needs. Thermostats differ in their prices, but they also differ in what they offer. Hence, knowing what you want from a smart thermostat can streamline your search when you decide on a replacement. Do you want one that is user-friendly, easily accessible, and programmable, or do you want to settle for something that aids in energy saving?

Whatever features you want in your HVAC system, it’s better to have trusted experts by your side to help you through the process. Crump AC and Heating can help you with all your HVAC issues. You call us at 281-533-9200 for more inquiries.

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