In today’s day and age most Americans have some sort of air conditioning system, to be specific nearly 90% of homes and workplaces make use of it. But as much as this appliance is common, people hesitate when calling companies for services regarding its installation, repair, maintenance, etc., for various reasons.

Common Concerns People Have When Contacting AC Companies

Disruptive Environment

Many Americans live a fast paced life, most of which is spent in their hectic work environment. So when they get home, they want to have some quiet time to relax. And their weekends are no exceptions. It is safe to say, they have only this time to get their air conditioning issues fixed. Hence when contacting AC companies, one of the worries they have is if they will get carless technicians who will end up ruining this time for them.

Uncaring Attitude

Every household is different, whether it be the area, the house itself or the people living there. This makes every customer and their issue different. Some technicians forget this, thinking they just need to do what they were told and many don’t care, resulting in people feel ignored and their voice unheard.

Closed off interaction with Customers

It is okay to stay professional and try not to pry in the lives of the customers, but sometimes, this can cause a Technician to seem unapproachable and cold. This creates an uncomfortable environment, making people feel awkward in their own homes. Our customers, at Crump A/C and Heating, don’t face such issues, as our technicians are friendly and easy to talk to.

Vague Quoting

Another problem people face is companies giving them unclear estimates of the price they will be charged, for the service they need. Keeping this in mind our company’s website has a list of estimated rates regarding all of the services provided by us.


Air conditioning is something which has become a necessity, and people can face many issues, therefore we at, Crump A/C and Heating, have made customer service a priority along with providing people with the best quality work. So don’t hesitate and contact us at (281) 533-9200

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