HVAC has provided you unspeakable relief during those fierce summer months. However, after the autumn has kicked in, the temperature will become bearable. Plus, this is the time to prepare your HVAC cooling unit for winter. Maintaining the A/C during off-season keeps it in prime shape – so it continues to perform when you need it.

Preparing Your A/C For The Winter

Winter can be harsh for your HVAC, especially on the outdoor unit. Moisture, freezing temperature, and winter rain can do real damage to the unit. Thus, requiring major or minor repair in the next session.

1) First Thing First – Switch Of The Power:

Before starting the winter maintenance, disconnect the main power. This will protect you from the unfortunate event of electrocution. Hence, start by tracking the external power switch (enclosed in a metal or plastic cover). The external power is usually mounted outside with a bunch of wires originating from it. Once found, lift the case and flip the switch (typically red) into the off position. Consequently, now you can move onto further tasks.

2) Clean The A/C:

Moving forward, try to sweep the area surrounding the external unit clean. Therefore, get rid of leaves, mud, or other debris as these can nest in and clog the components. Then use a water hose working at low pressure to drive out any settled dust and dirt. Meanwhile, you wait for your unit to dry, proceed to the next checkpoint.

3) Careful Inspection Of The A/C:

Run a quick inspection of the outdoor unit looking for cracks, rusting, and other faults. Consequently, if you encounter any defects, call Crump A/C and Heating at 281-533-9200 for immediate repair and a careful examination. However, if your A/C is in tip-top condition, feel free to move onto the next step once the unit has dried.

4) Cover The Unit:

Now that your A/C is clean, you would like to keep it that way. Hence, use a plastic sheet to cover the outdoor setup. This step essentially isolated the A/C from the harsh environment to prevent any form of damage. Moreover, insulating it will also keep the moisture and rainwater at bay. Furthermore, use tight ropes or cords to fasten the insulation tightly so that a strong breeze doesn’t blow them away. Afterward, you can move to the next step as per your requirement.

5) Using Additional Insulation (optional):

If your region experiences a critical drop in temperature, the coils’ refrigerant can freeze and expand. Consequently, the expansion can break the coils. Thus, use insulation foam to cover the pipes and duct tape to keep the foam intact. You can also contact us at281-533-9200
for further guidance.

6) Change The Thermostat Setting:

As the temperature starts to drop, turn off the cooling and turn of the heating. Adjust the thermostat likewise to suit the surrounding.

7) Last But Not Least – Check The Cooling Unit Regularly:

An essential step in maintaining A/C during winter is to check the cooling operation regularly. Consequently, if you find your A/C in a slump, hurry up and call Crump A/C and Heating.

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