Is your AC unit fan not spinning?

When the summer heat strikes, we need a working AC to survive the weather. However, even with regular maintenance, problems with the air conditioner occur. As a result, you and your family would be deprived of cool and refreshing air in the house. Sometimes, the fan stops working even when the AC is running. There are multiple factors that could be responsible for the AC unit fan not working.

In some cases, the solution is as simple as checking the circuit breaker or changing the filter. However, sometimes, you will require professional expertise to eliminate the issue. We will mention the possible reasons why your AC fan stopped spinning in this blog.

Reasons Your AC Unit Fan is Not Spinning

Some possible reasons your AC unit fan is not spinning include these:

1. Circuit Breaker Tripped Due to Overheating

If your AC unit fan stops spinning, check the circuit breaker first. Examine the circuit breaker associated with the AC unit to check if it has been tripped. It’s possible that the outside temperature or the heat from the motor caused the circuit breaker to trip.

To resolve this issue, look for the switch on the electrical panel and flip it. If that does the trick, you’re good to go! Also, scan the unit’s side to see if the AC unit accidentally shut off.

2. The defective Capacitor Needs to Be Replaced

The capacitor has a cylindrical appearance. This component stores energy and powers the fans of an air conditioner. You might not know this, but AC units actually have more than one capacitor. These include the start capacitor, which gets the motor started. Other than this, there is a run capacitor, which helps keep the motor running.

The AC unit fan could stop spinning if the capacitor is weak and old. You will need to contact an HVAC professional to replace the capacitor. If you delay replacement, the motor can burn out, and your AC will require more expensive repairs.

3. Burned Out Fan Motor Needs Replacement

The fan motor of an AC unit does all the work. Therefore, problems with the fan motor could be why the AC unit fan is not working. Since fan motor replacement could be costly, your HVAC professional might recommend replacing the entire AC unit. However, it depends on the age and size of the air conditioning unit.

4. Clogged Air Filter

Yes, a clogged air filter might be why your AC unit fan is not spinning. Can you remember the last time you replaced the filter of your air conditioning unit? If it has been long, you might need to replace the filter. Dust, fur, pollen, dirt, and other debris can clog the air filters. Moreover, clogged air filters can also lead to ice buildup on AC. This causes the fan to stop working if the ice buildup is close to the evaporator coil.

Although replacing the air filter is recommended, you should call in a professional if the coil is frozen.

5. Faulty Belt

The belt can become weak and brittle over time. When the belt-powered AC unit stops working due to defective belts, it is common to replace the belts. Hence, contact an HVAC professional to replace old, worn, or loose belts.

Professional AC Repair & Other Services

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