You are on your sofa, watching your favorite shows. However, guess what ruins your me-time? That’s right, your A.C has started to blow out hot air. Clearly, there is a breakdown, and Crump A/C and Heating’s expert team are on the way. However, until they arrive, you need to cool your room naturally. Now, you must revert to the conventional method of keeping your room cool naturally because the sweltering outside will soon turn it into a sauna.

How To Cool Your Room Naturally Without An A.C:

Fans To The Rescue:
Ceiling fans circulate the cold air around the room. Hence, try operating two fans to create a fresh cross breeze. In addition, try to run the fan counterclockwise at max speed. This is because the counterclockwise rotation pushes the air straight down. This mode produces a wind chill effect. However, keep in mind that fans circulate the air, so it carries away the heat when there is adequate ventilation between rooms.

Do not Let The Sun Peek In:
Daylight is excellent, as it illuminates the room naturally. However, sunlight is only fun when your A.C is functioning. Hence, when your A.C is down, outside air and daylight will only drain your room’s remaining cooling. Therefore, make sure that windows are tightly shut. However, it is also important that you draw your blinds or curtains. This will prevent the sunlight from penetrating in and heating your room.

Try Not To Use Heat Intensive Appliances:
As you successfully prevented outside interference, it is time to pay attention to home appliances that can add heat. Consequently, try to avoid using stoves, iron, or the oven until necessary. Moreover, it’s a great idea to unplug electronics not in use. Unplugging can help because charging tends to heat appliances and the charger, so you would not want such heat sources to form.

Ancestral Fad About Ice And Water Was Worth It:
Why do we sweat? To cool our bodies. Water is an amazing coolant; that is why it’s used in car radiators. Similarly, you also can tap into this abundant resource to cool your room naturally. Start by sprinkling cold water around your room and on your bed. In addition, you can drape heavily soaked towels around the room. These wet towels will go on and cool your room without an A.C.

Nonetheless, what’s better than water? Colder water or ice. Pour some ice in a bowl and place it atop a desk. Moreover, you can also use multiple bowls for the same task. All you need to do now is kick back, relax and let these ice bowls do their magic.


It’s fascinating what you would have to do just to cool your room when your A.C is not in the mood. However, even after that, you could not just achieve an A.C like cooling. Hence, to avoid such untimely breakdowns, focus on regular maintenance. Therefore, for your repair needs, just give Crump A/C and Heating a call at 281-533-9200.

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