You might adore small furries, but you won’t be so loving when they wind up in your home’s air ducts. After all, the squirrel looks cute as long as it’s out there in your garden. However, for small critters, find your ductworks a fine abode. Ductwork is warm and cozy and provides the necessary protection against predators. Therefore, critters always welcome an opportunity to land in your HVAC ducts. Hence, we will break down how they can break into the ductwork and stuff you can do to keep them at bay.

How Animals Find Their Way Into Your Home’s Air Ducts?

Mice And Other Small Creatures:
Before sneaking into your ducts, they need to break into your household. Small animals can find their way through small holes between windows, sills, or cracks in walls. Once in your house, they can end up in your ducts through the HVAC unit in the attic or squeeze through an open register.

It’s rare to find a squirrel stashing up nuts in your HVAC duct, but it’s plausible. Once in your house, they can nibble their way through soft vent coverings.

Again, big animals are a rare occurrence, but they can exploit a weakness in your HVAC system. These make their way into your attic and then set up a nest in the air duct.

Why Animals In Air Ducts Is Bad News?

Animals and their nest can interfere in the flow of air. Hence, this can cause the performance of the HVAC unit to slump. Henceforth, the HVAC components go into overdrive to maintain the required temperature—this Results in more frequent breakdown and a rising need for part replacement.

Moreover, animal feces and the remains of their meals are an open invitation for microbes. These microbes grow and get circulated in the air. Hence, a sufficient amount of microbes can cause allergic reactions, cough, sneezing, and other health nuisance.

However, all the above problems pale in comparison to the predicament of a dead animal. The putrid smell emanating from the corpse can turn your residence into a living nightmare. Thus, prompting you to take swift action and get rid of the corpse.

In a nutshell, animals in air ducts result in lower air quality. Furthermore, the obstruction they create can be strenuous for your HVAC unit. Hence, bad news for you.

How To Stop Animals From Setting Up Their Shop In Air Ducts?

First of all, you need to seal all the entry points in your house. These include cracks in walls, rotting window sills, and every other possible means of entry, especially into your attic. Other than that, animals also exploit the weakness of air ducts, so regular inspection of air ducts is a must. Thus, we advise you to opt for an air duct inspection at least every two years. In this way, the experts can drive out any animals residing in your air duct and deal with the havoc these animals have created. Thus, for top-notch service, you can always call Crump AC And Heating at 281-533-9200.

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