An air duct inspection is an integral part of long-term HVAC maintenance. However, that’s not all, as air duct inspections can also help you make wise house purchase decisions. While buying a house is a stressful transition, air duct inspections should be on your to-do list. After all, ducts are an integral part of your home, as they aid in air circulation around your house. Thus, ducts play a critical role in determining the air quality of your residence. In this article, we shall discuss important things to look out for during an air duct inspection while purchasing a new house.

Factors To Look Out For During An Air Duct Inspection:

The Age Of The Air Duct:

Unfortunately, air ducts don’t come with an inbuilt manufacturing date. However, given that the duct was built alongside the house, you can still get a good estimate of the duct’s age. For this, you would need the house’s papers to trace the age back to the construction date. Nonetheless, at times, ducts can be installed after the house is constructed. In such a scenario, you can get meaningful insights by carefully inspecting the ducts for the following signs:

  • Damaged, crumpled, disjointed sections.
  • Dust and debris around the joints.
  • Corroded and rusted metal.
  • Lack of insulation.

Interestingly, if a residence you are interested in purchasing has been unoccupied for a few months, critters can nest in the ductwork of such houses. Thus, this makes inspection more important. Otherwise, you might have to deal with issues like encountering a dead animal in ductwork later on.

Location Of The Ducts:

For regular inspections and maintenance, the ducts must be accessible for you or the experts you call for the job. Thus, this makes the location of the duct an imperative factor when making purchasing decisions. Most of the time, ducts in apartments are concealed behind walls or ceilings with out-of-bounds entry or inspection points. In such cases, you cannot make repairs after purchasing the residence. Furthermore, regular maintenance is costly and difficult in homes where ducts are accessible but limited to confined spaces. Thus, homes with ducting installed in wide attic spaces are ideal for repairs and inspections. These are the ones you should aim to buy.


Asbestos was widely used in construction, but the practice was abandoned because it was hazardous. Thus, homes with dating air ducts may have asbestos in them, and you need to look out for them because prolonged exposure can lead to respiratory issues. Nonetheless, if you are set to buy such a residence, it would be best to consider replacing the whole ductwork.

Signs Of Decay:

A duct normally lasts for a decade, after which it shows signs of decay, such as broken insulation, cracks, and rust. Hence, if you see such signs in the ductwork, it calls for some repairs. If the decay at some points is beyond repair, then you may need to replace those sections. Otherwise, the decay will propagate and lower your home’s air quality and the HVAC system’s efficiency. For all your HVAC system repairs, you can rely on Crump A/C And Heating. To learn about how we can help, call us today at 281-533-9200.

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