Staying home should be comfortable and easy — especially in winter when you want to feel cozy and warm. After all, winter is the time you realize how well your heating system is operating. Hence, if it’s time to revamp the HVAC system, you might be confused between the heat pump vs. furnace. Which heating system should you choose for your property? Carry on reading to learn the ins and outs of both.

Heat Pump vs. Furnace: How are They Different?

There are certain elements that set heat pumps and furnaces apart. From how they work to how much space they require, you can make an informed decision after gathering all the facts. Hence, here are a few differences between the two heating systems:

1. How they Work

You can find gas or electric furnaces. While the gas furnace burns combust fuel to generate heat, an electric one blows air over a hot element to serve its purpose.
A heat pump, however, works by drawing heat from the outside and transferring it inside your house. Working on the thermodynamic principle, a heat pump does not generate heat; it absorbs it with the help of refrigerant lines. Then, it releases the heat into your home’s interior.

2. Efficiency in Cold Climates

Heat pumps help warm up the interior of your house by absorbing the outside air. No matter how cold the climate is, they’ll transfer the heat from outside to inside. However, they might start functioning less efficiently when the temperature drops. Thus, a heat pump might not be a suitable option for those living in freezing climates, like in zones 4 to 7. So when it comes to efficiency, a furnace might be the right choice for you. Nevertheless, discuss your options with a professional company to ensure you get the best.

3. How Noisy They are

When it comes to noisiness in a heat pump vs. a furnace, the former tends to be noisier. Heat pumps produce sounds from the air handler when the compressor circulating the refrigerant powers up or shuts down. This might make it seem like there’s some trouble with the pump — but it’s just how it works. Since furnaces are located away from the living area, you’ll only hear minimal sounds like a soft whoosh of air. A heat pump or a furnace will grind, screech, or make other noises when there’s a mechanical problem. Consider this before deciding on a heating system for your house.

4. How Much Space They Require

A heat pump vs. a furnace also differs when it comes to space. Furnaces could take considerable space since manufacturers and building codes usually require a 30-inch clearance on all sides. The square footage for the furnace is set for fire safety purposes.

When it comes to a heat pump, its compressor is located outdoors and requires around 24-inch clearance around the outdoor unit. Furthermore, it does not need additional safety clearance because a heat pump does not generate its own heat or work on combustible fuels. Other than this, you can mount it on the wall, making sure it doesn’t take up any floor space, based on the air handler.
Therefore, a heat pump tends to take up less space than a furnace.

What to Do?

If you can’t choose between a heat pump and vs. furnace, consult a professional. They’ll guide you in detail and suggest the better option for you based on your property, the area you live in, and more. Contact Crump A/C & Heating team for the best services by dialing (281) 533-9200. You can also visit us at 535 E Fernhurst Dr., Ste 312, Katy, TX 77450.

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