You want to cool your house or room? Purchase an A/C unit, and you are good to go. However, when you are out there to make a purchase, you will encounter many types of A/C units. Hence, so many options to choose from, and that’s simply mind-boggling. Nonetheless, some knowledge about the different types of A/C units can really help you make the right decision. Hence, we will discuss some common types, how they work, and when to buy them.

1) A Central Air Conditioner Unit:

This unit comprises two sections:

  • The compressor that is placed outside the house.
  • Evaporator coils and air handlers make up the indoor unit.

This unit requires a duct system to spread the cooling across the house. Hence, a duct system is mandatory, without which a central air conditioning unit is out of bounds. Furthermore, like most A/C units in this list, a central air conditioner uses a liquid refrigerant that runs through coils. Hence, during summer, the refrigerant soaks up heat from your home and expel it outside, keeping your home cooler during hot days.

In a nutshell, this system can cool the whole house with ease but requires ducts to function. However, not all of us have a ducting system in our homes. Hence, we will need an alternate form of a cooling system that works just fine without ducts.

2) Ductless Mini-Split:

No ducts? No problem! With the inception of mini-split, you don’t have to invest in ducting work to establish a comfortable home environment. Mini-splits are small, wall-mounted indoor units with enough power to cool a room. Furthermore, it also comprises an outdoor compressor unit.
Mini-splits are an excellent choice for cooling a room, but their performance falls short when you want to cool your home. Hence, you will need more than one unit if you’re going to cool an extensive area.

3) Window A/C:

These come in different varying sizes according to your needs and your budget. Moreover, they are capable of serving a room or a small flat. These are easy to install, and for their installation, you need a window. However, you cannot just mount them on any windows because the window’s shape and size also matter. Nonetheless, it’s a cheap and all-round option if you live in a small home or a studio apartment.

4) Portable Air Conditioner:

These are affordable and standalone portable units with all components packed in a single unit. Therefore, it’s another great ductless alternative that is capable of cooling a room. Moreover, you can easily shift this unit from room to room, hence the name, portable A/C. All you need is a power socket and a window outlet to expel the hot air. Then, plug in the A/C and sit back and enjoy its magic.


Every house deserves an air conditioner. Hence, there are many options available, including one discussed above. Therefore, you can easily find an A/C to suit your needs and budget. However, purchasing an A/C is the first step towards a comfortable life, and the second step is regular A/C maintenance. Nonetheless, you can leave top-notch A/C care for Crump A/C and Heating, and you can call us 281-533-9200 to schedule an inspection.

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