Don’t we all look forward to spending the frigid months in our cozy homes, surrounded by a blanket of warmth provided by our HVAC furnace? How dreadful would it be to witness this lifesaver coming to an abrupt halt? Let’s admit it. Nobody wants their furnace to knock off at a time like this. Unfortunately, you’re at risk if you tend to skip regular furnace maintenance. Instead of saying goodbye to non-stop comfort during the winter season, have a look at this article.

Why Opt For Regular Maintenance?

For many homeowners, regular maintenance seems like an expensive chore. However, it is more of a necessity than an accessory that will reap the benefits. Here are a few notable advantages of maintaining your HVAC furnace:

Help Lower Your Utility Bills:
For every homeowner, utility bills are a major concern. To cut down on the bills, try maintaining your furnace regularly to guarantee efficiency with minimum hindrance.

Claim Your Warranties:
Warranties help you save some bucks on heavy repairs or replacements. However, sometimes warranties come with terms and conditions. And regular maintenance can be a part of that. Therefore, to keep the warranty valid, you will need to call in professionals every now and then.

Enjoy Endless Comfort:
This benefit quickly steals the limelight. The main idea of regular maintenance is that you can seek luxury without worrying about unexpected breakdowns.

Extend The Service Life:
Being an adult is all fun and games until your wallets become dry. Indeed, money does bring you happiness, so plan your finances properly. Regular maintenance is a part of a good life decision. However, if maintenance is neglected, it can cost you a fortune just by having to replace the entire furnace. We are sure you wouldn’t want to go through an ache in your heart, right? Therefore, why not extend the service life by opting for regular maintenance.

What Does Furnace Maintenance Include?

When it comes to furnaces, the to-do list is quite long. However, here are some essential steps:

  • Clean the air filters.
  • Inspect the burner and flame sensor for cracks and faults.
  • Clean and scrub the burner and flame sensor unit.
  • Inspect heat exchangers for any defects.
  • Test CO levels.
  • Test electrical connections to verify that all connections are tight and in place.
  • Clean humidifier pads.
  • Test the working of the blower and fan.
  • Oil the machinery.
  • Try out the thermostat and calibrate it if needed.

You can efficiently perform a few of the steps in the above list, like changing the air filters. However, it’s better to wait for professionals for more technical procedures. How often should you call professionals for maintenance? Once a year should suffice, especially before the cold season. Need more information or professional help for furnace maintenance? Call Crump A/C and Heating at 281-533-9200 because if your A/C or heating is in a slump, you call Crump.

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