It’s great to have an HVAC unit to cool and heat your house. However, is it wise and desirable to let it run without much control? This would eventually lead to a temperature difference between rooms and the creation of hotspots. However, wouldn’t it be great to be able to control the airflow to some regions of your home? Thus, by managing the airflow, you can quickly eliminate the temperature variance in between rooms. Moreover, controlling the airflow will allow your family members to alter the temperature of their room as per their comfort. Zoning can sweep in to rescue the day and help you achieve all that.

What’s Zoning and How Can It Help?

“Zones’ are regions in your household whose temperature you can exclusively control. Zones can either be a single room or multiple rooms depending on your choice. All in all, zoning can help you conserve energy by switching “off” zones you seldom use. Moreover, zones can help maximize your comfort levels by cooling or heating those rooms you regularly use, those rooms that are stuffed, or special places like the gym.

What Do You Need To Achieve Zoning?

Although zoning sounds impressive, it’s not easy to achieve and can come with some extra “baggage.” Hence, at times zoning can be costly. Nonetheless, it can help you cut down on electricity bills and maximize your comfort. Here are some additives you need to achieve zoning:

Dampers: Dampers form the spine of this operation. Dampers are installed inside the ducts and vent. At least, a damper is present at each exit. Dampers act to restrict the airflow when triggered by the thermostat. Although a zone might contain multiple dampers, they all are configured to work in unity. Hence, when you want to reduce cooling in a particular zone, the damper will reduce airflow to that region and redirect the air to other zones. Consequently, in this way, you can cool down a particular region more by allowing excessive airflow through dampers in that region.

Thermostat: For old-fashioned thermostats, you would need one thermostat for each zone. However, you can skip the need for multiple thermostats by opting for a smart thermostat. A smart programmable thermostat can allow you to control different zones using a single thermostat.

Moreover, programmable thermostats have predefined settings that can alter your home’s cooling and heating automatically. For example, as the night falls, a programmed thermostat may automatically tune down cooling. Therefore, it allows better control of temperature throughout the day.

Professional Installation And Maintenance: To make the most out of zoning, you need an experienced team to install the system effectively. In addition to installing the system, keep in mind the need for regular maintenance of the zoning system and the HVAC system in general. Maintenance will add valuable years to your HVAC system and save you from the rush of unexpected breakdowns. For all your HVAC needs, you can rely on Crump A/C and Heating. Moreover, you can reach us at 281-533-9200 for more inquiries.

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