Every piece of an electronic device needs to be eventually replaced, and your air conditioning system has the same lifecycle. When is the right time to figure out before your air conditioning system completely fils and starts throwing unhealthy air? You should know when is the right time.

If you know when you need to replace your air conditioning system; it will help you when the next summer hits the sky. Read this article to learn more about some indicators to help you figure out when you should plan to replace your air conditioning system.

How To Decide You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioning System?

Based on the signs below, you will have to figure out how you should replace your air conditioning system. Beforehand, starting the process will give you proper time to look for a new air conditioning system that fits in your budget and is of the best quality. Here are the warning signs you should keep an eye on:

  • The air conditioning system is quite old: It is essential to know how old your existing air conditioning system is. An average air conditioning system lasts about ten to fifteen years. If your air conditioning system is ten years old or has been in your home for more than thirteen years, you should know it’s time to replace your air conditioning system.
  • Your HVAC system still runs on R-22 refrigerant: If you didn’t know, the R-22 refrigerant production has stopped since January 2020. And if your air conditioning system still runs on it, recharging will be an expensive task.
  • The AC system isn’t cooling your home anymore: Your air conditioning system’s primary job is to cool your home. And if it doesn’t do its primary job, it is prominent that you need to go ahead with a replacement.
  • AC repair is becoming expensive: It is not often that your air conditioning system needs a repair, but it does require fixing when something is not functioning. But if these repairs are becoming too frequent, then this is an indicator that you need to replace your air conditioning system.

What Are Your Options?

Now that you have decided to replace your air conditioning system, here are some options you can look into:

  • Central AC System: This is one sound system if you’re looking to cool all your home areas, and it is relatively energy-efficient.
  • Ductless Heat Pumps: You do not need any ductwork in a ductless system. It offers energy efficiency and different comfort options.
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