Did you know that the acronym HVAC stood for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning? We use it to describe the equipment we use at our homes to keep a pleasant temperature. Across residential areas, HVAC is equipped with both forced-air heating and cooling systems. These include heat pumps, air conditioners, and furnaces.

What Some Components Of A HVAC System?

There are two significant components of a forced-air system. First is the indoor air handler unit, which has the cooling system’s parts connected to the furnace. The central air conditioning and the heat pump use the outdoor condensers fitted with a condensing coil, the compressor, and a fan. Ventilators are another significant component, and it pulls air over the heating and cooling elements. This conditions the air and sends it across the ductwork.

How Does HVAC Work?

Your central air conditioning system uses refrigerants that take in from the indoor air. Along the cooling cycle, the compressor is capable to use the refrigerant and chill the air. The air then flows through the evaporator coil with the help of a blower that removes the heat. Then the heat pump reverses the refrigerant flow in the winter to warm the air.

On the other hand, the warm refrigerant circulates across the condensing coil while a fan across the coil pulls the air to cool it. This air then returns to the compressor and then to the evaporator coil until it reached your home’s thermostat.

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