A thermostat allows you to control your HVAC unit’s heating and cooling. Hence, the smarter your thermostat is, the better your control will be. Therefore, many homeowners decide to opt for smart thermostats to enjoy the perks of better control and save energy alongside. Now, you are considering buying one, but it isn’t easy to make a wise purchase decision with many misconceptions and myths shrouding your mind. Consequently, to sketch a clearer picture of smart thermostats and how they can help, let’s debunk some myths.

Every Wifi Enabled Or Programmable Thermostat is Smart:

Smart appliances have become such a generic word, and the fad around them is not dying out either. Therefore, it’s natural to consider anything connected to wifi as smart, but in the case of thermostats, the definition of a smart thermostat is quite streamlined. In the market, you can mistake several thermostats for smart ones, and especially you can confuse these three thermostats:

  • Wifi-enabled thermostats: You can connect your thermostat with the wifi and then control it from anywhere. It helps you set the temperature and turn HVAC on and off from your smartphone.
  • Programmable Thermostats: As the name suggests, you can program your preferences in these thermostats, like when to turn up the cooling and when to turn it down.
  • Smart Thermostats: It’s a blend of the above two types of thermostats. You can control it using your smartphone, and it programs itself by learning your cooling patterns. The thermostat keeps track of activity in the home and can adjust cooling according to it. That is among several cool things a smart thermostat can do for you.

Every Smart Thermostat Is Energy Star Certified:

This certificate is not a cup of cake; having such a certificate indicates that the product stood up to the challenging tests. Passing these tests will earn the product energy star certification, which means that the product can help you cut down your energy consumption.

These Thermostats Are Expensive:

Everything good comes at a price, but these are not very expensive. Just a bit more costly than regular thermostats. However, the running cost of a smart thermostat covers the initial cost. These thermostats will help you cut down the electricity bill, and the money you save through that is absolutely worth it. Hence, initially, the thermostat may seem pricey, but it will eventually justify its installments, and you will soon turn a profit from it.

Smart Thermostats Are Difficult To Install:

Smart thermostats do come with an installation guide from the manufacturer. Moreover, you can install their software and install it with the help of software video guides. Thus, making their installation a home job for which you don’t need to call in experts. However, if you still feel that experts should have a go at it, call Crump A/C and Heating for all your HVAC maintenance and installation needs. You can contact us at 281-533-9200 to learn more about how we can help.

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