When the sun decides to rise up in all its glory and the temperatures soar, many of us revert to our air conditioning systems. Be it your workspace or your room, who doesn’t like to escape the summer heat?
However, this modern marvel can at times show signs of malfunction. This blog will focus on common AC problems that you might be currently facing or might face in the future, even once during the working span of your unit.

Low Refrigerant:

Refrigerant leak is one of the most common issues. Refrigerant is a substance which is responsible for overall efficiency of your air conditioner, in removing hot air from enclosed spaces, replacing it with chilled air.
However, depending on the utility, the coils that surround it can be susceptible to leaks causing decreased cooling.

Broken Capacitor:

The outdoor compressor has a capacitor which works as an energy supplier to the motor attached. This makes it vulnerable to wear and tear due to overheating or power issues.
This problem should be dealt with as soon as you find the issue, in order to stay safe from other costly repairs and maintenance or even replacement.

Frozen Evaporator Coils:

One very common issue with air conditioning systems is frozen evaporator coils. This happens due to a disrupted airflow in the coil which leads to ice buildup.
The problems causing the temperature to drop can vary. Thus, it needs to be checked by a professional for immediate and accurate resolution.

Duct Leaks:

In residential and commercial settings, there is a well-integrated ductwork which helps in continuous airflow. However, if you feel that your house or office is not cooling at par; you must be sure about any duct leaks.
Even small holes can impact the efficiency of the AC unit. It is highly advisable to get your ducts checked for any leaks to improve longevity and efficiency of air conditioners.

Clogged Filters:

Dirty and clogged filters can also restrict airflow, hindering the air conditioners to work at their best capacities. Hence, it is suggested to change or clean air filters every 2-3 months ideally.

Motor Fan Malfunction:

An air-conditioning unit is a product of two fans that need proper functioning for adequate cooling. If either of these two fans show signs of malfunction; whether located in the outer or inner system, it can affect overall efficiency.

This can be due to various reasons such as the motor of the fan has stopped working, increased friction that needs to be monitored, or dirt buildup.


If you are failing to figure out the issue with your air conditioning system ; whether it is a refrigerant leak, motor malfunction or dirty air filters. Crump A/C and Heating has got you covered with fast, reliable and cost effective repairs. Give us a call on (281) 533-9200.

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