Stepping onto the icy bathroom floor every morning or shivering in the cold after a shower, bathroom heaters are for you. They are a great way to combat the winter chill and keep the bathroom warm. Beyond comfort, heating your bathroom can also prevent issues with mold growth.

From portable heaters to wall-mounted heaters, various bathroom heating options are available. Thus, the type of bathroom heater you use depends on your requirements and preferences.

Factors To Consider Before Getting A Bathroom Heater

1. Safety Measures:

Safety should be one of the top criteria when selecting a bathroom heater. So, if you are buying a portable heater for your bathroom, get one with an Appliance Leakage Current Interrupter (ALCI) plug. It is a device inside the heater that shuts off the power instantly in case of a short circuit.

A heater with a built-in automatic shut-off feature is ideal in case the heater is left on for too long. It should have an overheating protection system to prevent the heater from becoming too hot.

Ensure corded bathroom heaters are plugged into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet. This helps to shut off the circuit if the electrical flow becomes irregular. Most new homes already have GFCI outlets.

Wall-mounted bathroom heaters are best for kids or pets. These heaters are installed high on the wall or ceiling, keeping them out of reach and reducing the risk of contact burns or accidents.

Lastly, Keep bathroom heaters safe from tub edges, sinks, and showers. Ensure it is positioned away from any area where water may splash into it.

2. Installation

When installing a heater, carefully review the installation requirements and instructions beforehand.

Considering manufacturer clearances, wall-mounted heaters need to be installed at the correct distance from the wall and floor. If you use a portable heater in your bathroom, ensure they are in the far corner where they cannot contact water.

The installation requires more electrical work than you are comfortable with. Leaving the job to an electrician is highly recommended for safety and no technical errors.

Heaters That Are Suitable For You

1. Portable Heaters

Stable heaters can be an excellent choice for a convenient and cost-effective bathroom heating solution.

Although they occupy some floor space, they offer the freedom to use in other areas of your home, making them a versatile option. Some more advanced models also have remote control and adjustable fan speeds.

2. Bathroom Wall Heaters

Wall heaters and provide a convenient and efficient solution to heat your bathroom. They can be wall-mounted inside a wall for a clean, streamlined look. Once installed, plug them in, and it will start working instantly.

3. Bathroom Heat Lamp

A heat lamp is a kind of electrical fixture intended for extra warmth and light in a bathroom. Usually, it is made up of a ventilation fan and a heat light bulb. Radiant heat from the heat lamp helps warm the space, making it an excellent option for bathroom heating.

4. Bathroom Ceiling Heaters

These are installed directly into the ceiling. Hence, floor space is clear and unobstructed. Ceiling heaters can use a bulb, a bathroom heating fan, or a combination of both to provide an even heat supply downwards. They offer a safe option for bathroom heating as they are installed far from wet areas and are not prone to any electric shock risk.

5. Infrared Mirror Heaters

Infrared mirror heaters are electric panels designed to combine the functionality of a mirror with efficient, targeted heating.

They are sleek, space-saving, and stylish heating solutions for your bathroom.

The front side of the electrical panel is constructed from durable tempered glass, while the back is composed of premium stainless steel. These heaters use infrared technology to emit invisible, radiant heat that warms objects and people directly rather than heating the surrounding air.

Final Takeaway

Creating a warm and cozy bathroom environment relies on getting your bathroom heating right. A range of bathroom heaters are available, each with unique traits and benefits. Wall-mounted work best if you have a limited floor space; portable heaters are a great choice if you want a flexible plug-in option and are building a new home or renovating your space; in-floor radiant heating provides efficient heating. The choices are yours, and to guide you further, Crump A/C & Heating, with their technical skills, are willing to aid you.

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